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As a valued customer, I want to share some important news with you. After 14 years in business, my family and I have decided the time is right to sell The Moving Box.

Throughout the selling process, a primary objective was to make sure you were in good hands, and that you would continue to receive the same level of service you have come to expect from The Moving Box.

We have found a Canadian company who values customer service and relationships as much as we do and that is why The Moving Box has joined the BigSteelBox family. It has been a pleasure serving you, and BigSteelBox welcomes you. I am certain your moving and storage needs are being left in good hands.


Q: Who do I call if I have general questions, or need pickups or deliveries?

A: The main phone number 519-753-6683 and the toll free number 1-866-650-6683 will continued to be answered by The Moving Box team who are joining BigSteelBox.

Q: Who do I call if I have accounting or billing questions?

A: Please continue to call the 519-753-6683 number or you can email accounts@themovingbox.ca. We will update you in advance of any changes to our contact information.

Q: Where is BigSteelBox located?

A: BigSteelBox headquarters is in Kelowna, BC, but The Moving Box location in Brantford will become a regional office for Ontario. The Hamilton, Dundas, Paris and Simcoe stores, the ministorage, and RV storage will continue to operate unchanged at their current locations. The Woodstock location will be closed at a later date and those customers will be served by the existing BigSteelBox locations in London and Kitchener.

Q: Do I have to sign a new contract with BigSteelBox?

A: No. BigSteelBox will honour the terms already in place for existing agreements.

Q: Is the price going to change?

A: No. BigSteelBox will honour the same pricing as in your existing agreement.

Q: Will there be any changes with my invoice and payment method?

A: Your invoice will continue to be processed on your scheduled billing date and the credit card on file automatically charged, your bank/credit card statements will show a payment being processed by BigSteelBox. If you’re currently set up with a different payment method, a representative from BigSteelBox will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to discuss your options and ensure your account information is updated. For any customers that require new vendor forms filled out with BigSteelBox, please forward your inquiries to accounts@themovingbox.ca.

Q. What about a payment I just made to The Moving Box?

A: Any recent payments made to The Moving Box will be applied to your account with The Moving Box. All outstanding balances on your account for services before October 31st will still be paid to The Moving Box. For all charges incurred on or after November 1st, payments will need to be made to BigSteelBox.

Q: Who is BigSteelBox?

A: BigSteelBox began as a family business over 20 years ago, and has expanded to 26 full-service locations across Canada. Headquartered in Kelowna, they are a values-based company committed to providing a moving and storage experience that feels better for their customers by owning your moving and storage problems, reducing your effort and caring more than you expect. Please see their website for more information: www.bigsteelbox.com

*Important note for customers with a Box stored in the Beachville/Woodstock yard:

We will be closing The Moving Box's Beachville/Woodstock yard (684470 Rd 68). As such, if you are currently storing a Box at that yard, we will be relocating it to one of two BigSteelBox locations before November 30, 2021. Most customers will have their container moved to the BigSteelBox location in Dorchester (London store - 575 Hudson Drive). If your address on file is closer to Kitchener, your container will be moved to the BigSteelBox location in Ayr (Kitchener store - 2564 Cedar Creek Rd). If you wish to secure your contents prior to the move, please call us at 519-753-6683 to arrange access. We also have the option of moving your container to another location if that is more convenient for you. Please call us if you have any other questions or concerns about the change of location.

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