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The Benefits of a Self-Storage Unit

Offering a variety of great moving and storage options is what we do at The Moving Box! At our Brantford location, we have self-storage units available to rent for your convenience. We offer standard self-storage, as well as climate-controlled units, all housed in a fully alarmed and secure facility. This facility also includes a gated entrance and 24-hour surveillance, with Managers who live on-site. We have a strict ‘no food storage’ policy and run an ongoing rodent program to deter small animals away.


Not sure if a storage locker is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of renting a self-storage unit:


1. De-cluttering your home means you get to enjoy more space to live and a little peace ofmind.


2. Ever have to move piles of boxes to get to something you need? A self-storage unit letsyou keep the things you don’t use on a regular basis out of the way.


3. Instead of selling your old furniture you just had replaced, keep it stored for when your kids move out and help them with their first home.


4. If you are downsizing your home and no longer have access to a garage or the same amount of space, a self-storage unit gives you the ability to keep all of your possessions.


5. Store seasonal items like snow blowers for the summer months or motorcycles for the winter months and re-claim your garage.


6. Starting your own small business? This is a great way to get started without the high cost of renting space in a commercial building.


7. Storing stuff outside can leave your property looking a bit messy. A self-storage unit let’s you keep your outdoor space tidy and looking its best, while giving you the assurancethat your items won’t be stolen!


If you are looking to store your belongings in a safe and secure location, choose The Moving Box for your self-storage needs. Our storage facility is located at 1440 Colborne Street E, Brantford, ON.


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