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Seasonal Storage Tips

If the snowy weather is any indication, the seasons are changing, and winter is here! With the loss of our outdoor spaces for the colder months, we are all looking to make more room in our homes as we pack away the summer fun. At The Moving Box, we are experts in helping our customers maximize their livable space with innovative storage solutions. Here are just a few storage tips to get you started:


Lawn Tools Be Gone…


Putting away your lawnmowers and maintenance gear not only will make room for shovels and sleds it will also help keep them in good condition so they will be ready when you need them next year. Remove all fuel and top up oil in your lawnmowers, whipper snippers, generators, and anything else that needs it. Don’t forget to clean off any leftover grass clippings and mud so you will get a fresh start in the spring. You will thank yourself then!


Seasonal Sports Gear Swap…


Sports gear like football pads are retiring for the season and being replaced by hockey equipment, skates, skis and other winter sports stuff. Clean and deodorize everything before packing it up…the smell only grows the longer it sits! You think that soccer uniform stunk after the game? You don’t want to let that linger over the winter.


Say NO To Food (in your storage)…


Unless you are a winter camping guru, chances are you will want to pack up your camping and grilling gear for the snowy season. Take the time now to scrape and clean any food remnants. This will help avoid mold and rust growth while they hibernate.




You aren’t likely to see the items you are packing away for months and it is pretty easy to forget what you put in each box. Make sure to label everything and create an itemized list of what you are storing. You can even make a map if you are putting a lot of “stuff” away for storage.


Not everyone has the luxury of a large storage area in their home. That’s why The Moving Box offers self-storage and Moving Boxes to make your life just a little bit easier. Not sure which is the best option for you? Reach out to us today. Our team is trained to help you find the solution that will work best for you and your family.


Now start packing! That snow is really coming down.