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Avoid Container Fraud

We have seen a concerning trend in recent days and would like to share some helpful information. At The Moving Box, we truly care about our customers and would never want to see you taken advantage of. With that being said, container scams are on the rise. Here’s what you can look out for:


Scammers set up online websites that look legitimate and prey on small businesses. Business owners looking for extra storage will think these low-cost storage options are a steal and purchase them on the spot…when in reality, they are the ones getting stolen from. In some cases, they even use a legitimate company’s name and branding, portraying themselves as that company.


The purchases can be made using e-transfer, over the phone, or on their website, and then the “company” disappears with your hard-earned money. As you can imagine, this leaves many small business owners in a terrible situation. In these times especially, cashflow is often tight and every dollar counts.


The Moving Box is one of the largest container supply companies in Ontario. Our containers are available for you to view in person in our sales yard, so you know you are getting what you pay for.


When buying a shipping container, it is important to know who you are dealing with and what you’re purchasing. We highly recommend not buying ANY shipping container from ANY business unless you can meet them face-to-face and view the actual container.


For more information, view this informative article by CBC news below: