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How to open and close your moving box

Opening and closing your Moving Box could feel daunting when it is first dropped off in your drive way. Don’t worry though…it’s really not! Follow these simple steps to get started.


Opening Your Moving Box


First, you will see your Moving Box has two barn doors on one end and those doors have vertical rods with a locking mechanism at each end.

First thing’s first. You will need to open the right side before the left. Simply roll up the locking plates, grasp the handles, rotate outward to disengage the locking mechanisms and then pull it open. It sounds like a lot on paper, but we promise it’s very simple!

At this point, you need to secure the door by using the rope attached to the vertical locking rod and simply hook it to the side of the container. This will keep your door in place while you are loading or unloading. Repeat the same process for the left door…lift the locking plate out of the way, grasp the handles and rotate outward. Secure the door with the attached rope. See, easy!

Closing Your Moving Box


To close your Moving Box, you will want to do the exact same thing, but in reverse. Pretty self explanatory! Remember to start with the left door this time. The key here is to grasp the handles and hold them perpendicular to the door while you line up the locking mechanisms and then rotate the handles outward.


And finally, the right door. Grasp the handles holding them perpendicular to the Moving Box, which will line-up the locking mechanism and then rotate outward. That’s it!


Moving doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Let The Moving Box take some of the stress out of moving day with a convenient, easy to use Moving Box brought right to your front door…well, driveway!