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Office Units

When you think portable office units does your brain immediately go to The Moving Box? It should! Our portable office units are ready to rent or purchase for industrial and commercial use…or pretty much anywhere.


Picture this. It’s a cold day on the construction site. Your crew is rotating through their breaks. Instead of sitting out in the cold weather, they step into a heated unit for a short rest, and are soon ready to tackle the rest of their day…now doesn’t that sound nice (and productive)? 


At The Moving Box, we have a large number of units in stock that are designed specifically for your construction site or similar spaces. All of our portable office units are built from ISO containers and customized in-house to work for you.


Our standard size units are 8ft x 20ft, and come fully equipped with two barred windows, one man-door, insulation, full finished interior, hydro hook-up, heat and air conditioning, outlets, and lights all inspected by the ESA. Our portable office units are not only extremely functional but also stylish. The fully finished interiors make a comfortable place for employees to take a break from a hard day’s work or are suitable for a job site meeting.


You can customize your unit by adding another door, upgrade to motion lighting, or even choose the size that works for your company. If you can imagine it, we can create it for you.


With The Moving Box’s portable office units, the possibilities are truly endless. Find out more on our website, or call us for a quote today at 1-866-650-6683.