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Chemical and Oil Storage

Our goal at The Moving Box is to be your COMPLETE moving and storage solution. Whether it’s for at home or on your job site, we offer a convenient way to keep your chemical and oil products stored safely – giving you the peace of mind that you can access them at any time from your secure container!


Our Boxes


The Moving Box can customize a storage container in the size and colour that works for you. Need shelving inside? No problem…they can easily be added to meet your needs. Completely water and wind proof, you can trust your Moving Box container to keep your chemical and oil products secure and dry – not to mention our welded steel containment pans have non-slip coating for added safety.




Avoid potential negative effects on the environment from an accidental spill, or toxic fumes from your chemicals leaking in your home or place of work. The Moving Box is also the perfect solution for keeping flammable liquids stored away from all heat sources to avoid fire risks. Your storage container will keep your products contained safely, organized, and easily accessible when you need them.


Important Tips


Ensure all containers of hazardous chemicals are properly labeled with what’s inside and with any appropriate hazard warnings. Chemicals should always be stored no higher than eye level to avoid spills or falls, and like chemicals should be stored together – away from others that could cause a reaction if mixed. If you are ever in doubt, refer to the WHMIS in your workplace for clarification.


For all of your storage needs, The Moving Box has you covered. Keep your chemical and oil products safe and secure in a Moving Box container customized to meet your needs. Call us today to talk through your options at 519-753-6683!