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The Moving Box Logistics Save You Money

You have loved your starter home. It has served you well. It was the birth place of all 4 of your babies (remember how cute they were with their four furry legs, button noses, and long tails…oh, right, they are cats…I meant fur babies). But now you have found the house of your dreams, your forever home, in a city closer to your family and the friends of your childhood. Ah, the dream. Or, maybe you are just moving because work made you…who knows? The point is, you are moving!

It’s such an exciting time. All the planning, endless packing, overwhelming amount of things to get done, trying to find the easiest way to get all your earthly treasures from one city to another without draining your entire bank account. Stressful may be a better word for it. That’s where we come in.

The Moving Box is passionate about helping you find moving solutions that make moving more manageable. We deliver a Moving Box directly to your front door, letting you load it up (at ground level we might add) at your convenience. Once you’re ready, we will move it to your new abode for you, where you can once again unload it at your leisure.

We not only want to help your move go as smoothly as possible, we are all about finding ways to help save you money. With six convenient locations across Southern Ontario, we logistically can do the job cheaper than our leading competitors – and of course we pass those savings along to you!

Think of it this way, companies with only one or two locations have to ship their boxes to their customer and then have it shipped back to their storage yard. All that shipping costs more than just change. The Moving Box can help someone move across Southern Ontario easily while keeping the costs down. Let’s look at a little scenario:

You are moving from Hamilton to Brantford. You rented a Moving Box from the Hamilton yard to pack up your belongings. Once loaded, your box is brought to Brantford for you to settle in to your new “home sweet home”, but instead of us having to bring the box all the way back to Hamilton (which would mean more money we have to pay for labour and gas), your Moving Box would be returned to the Branford yard to cut down on return time.

How does this save you money, you might ask? Good question! Every dollar we save, allows us to provide a better service at a lower price to our valued customers. We also are dedicated to doing all transportation of our boxes in house, not outsourcing to another company – keeping prices low and customer service high.

So there you have it…The Moving Box is your best moving solution because we work hard to keep your costs down without sacrificing on quality of service. You concentrate on those 4 cats…we will make sure your stuff gets there safely without breaking the bank!