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House Renovations

Renovations are stressful. That’s just a fact. Your stuff is displaced, you have to deal with dust and chaos, and sometimes it makes you question if you were wise to start the project in the first place. Going through this right now? First thing’s first: take a breath and think about your end result. It’s almost always worth it when you get to see your new kitchen, bathroom, or Barbie dream home makeover. If you are wondering how you will make it through until your renovations are finished…we have a few ideas.


Organize the clutter


It’s the disorganization that really gets to most people. Homeowners often find themselves tripping over their belongings, having to move things around just to find what they need. And who wants their personal goods covered with dust and debris? Not I!


Enter a Moving Box


Instead of living in the chaos, why not just move your stuff out of the space entirely? With a Moving Box, you have easy access to all of your belongings without leaving them to clutter your construction zone.


How does it work?


We deliver a Moving Box directly to your driveway. The fully secure, easy-to-use barn doors give you ground-level access to all your belongings. Think of it as a bonus storage room just outside your front door.


Great for homeowners


The benefits of a Moving Box for homeowners are substantial, especially in the midst of renovations. It allows you to keep your belongings clean, your house organized, stops you from tripping over “stuff,” AND means you won’t have to move everything multiple times to find what you need when you need it.


Contractors…you too!


Moving Boxes are great for more than just homeowners. There are multiple benefits for contractors during home renovations. Instead of lugging expensive equipment to and from the home every day, a Moving Box provides a safe place to store your tools and supplies on-site.


Saves time AND money


Removing your home's contents during a renovation makes it easier for you and helps the contractor have a clean slate, making getting work done much more manageable. The faster and more straightforward a job is, the less it will cost in the long run!


Contact The Moving Box today to see if a Moving Box is right for you. Don’t let your home reno become overwhelming. Take back your space and peace of mind. We promise…it will all be worth it.