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Winter Storage Tips

Canadian winters are not for the faint of heart. At The Moving Box, we know the snowy season can take a toll on even the heartiest Canucks. It’s our aim to make winter time as survivable as possible the best way we know how…and that’s with convenient storage! With frozen flurries taking over the great outdoors, you need your indoor space for living more than ever – not just for storage. From self-storage units to a Moving Box brought right to your property, The Moving Box has you covered. Here are some winter storage tips to get you started:


Get An Early Start:


No matter which storage solution you plan on using, getting an early jump on things before the weather changes will make your life so much easier. From patio furniture that has sadly seen it’s last days in the sun (until next summer of course) to off season clothing and gear, your “stuff” will be much easier to pack up and store without a foot (or ten) of snow to contend with.


Keep Items Dry:


While our Moving Boxes and storage units are completely weather-proof, we still recommend storing your goods off of the ground for best results. Wooden pallets are an easy and cheap way to keep your belongings safe and dry all winter long. You can also use plastic tarps and coverings to protect your valuables.


Make Room For Your Vehicle:


Who wants to clean snow off their car every morning? Snowy nights have the tendency to add extra steps and dreaded time to our morning routines in the Great White North. Make the most of your space by cleaning out your garage and storing boxes, tools, and what else have you, leaving room for your car to stay protected from the elements. You will be thankful you did…every morning!


Pack Away Summer Stuff:


We alluded to this in the first point but it’s worth hammering home. Just think about how much “gear” you use in the summer months that is just taking up space all winter long - stuff for your patio, pool, outdoor recreational equipment, clothing…the list goes on! Your home can quickly become just a giant storage area with the changing seasons. Get the most out of your living space by storing what you don’t need on a day to day basis.


Cold still getting you down? Take advantage of our Winter Promotion! From December through to the end of February our local on-site storage packages are 50% off, our regular price of $295 is now just $149! That means you only pay the cost of the rental – we throw in the delivery and pick up for free. Think about how much hot chocolate you can buy with the money you are saving…now that is sure to warm up your spirits!


For your moving and storage needs – all year round – The Moving Box has you covered!